As soon as I can convert all my contact info to Gmail they will have one less and I have been with them for well over 20 years. At least once or twice a month, AOL Mail goes down. Plus posté le 26 mai Avec obligation der télécharger AOL 9. If eel the same way.

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And it seems to happen almost all over the US and in other countries as well. Une amie de Laeticia Hallyday partage une sublime photo d’elle en train de se recueillir sur la tombe de Johnny Télé-Loisirs. Informations complémentaires sur AOL Depuis que le logiciel fait partie de notre catalogue de logiciels et d’applications année , il a atteint , téléchargements. This is a change from the previous number you used with your older version of AOL Desktop. So, no, AOL certainly had not had long enough to test it at that time.

Why would AOL take these actions away from us? How is this better?. Use AOL Mail for sending and receiving emails. AOL freezes constantly when changing screen names. Tell us about your experience with our site. I just found out the aol gold is no longer on my computer. I just ordered a new malware item and they have already billed my bank account. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit.

Jeff, While I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question, I have to point out a couple of things with which I don’t agree. If eel the same way. I called several more times and it one time even got into an argument with the representative who hung up on me by trying to tell me to pay one-time deal to keep it.

I told him, « I don’t want to keep it. If you can’t give me free AOL shut it down. I cannot afford it. I called several times more and still got nowhere. I finally had Discover card cancel and put a block on it.

They are the biggest rip-off of all time and should be fined by the feds. What a shame that AOL ruined something that was working well. I blame this on poor Ao. The app for the GOLD is a piece of crap, 20 years of loyalty means nothing to these people and clearly customer service is a thing of the past. Very sickening the whole thing. Did you notice the date on my question? It was posted almost a year ago, shortly after Microsoft came out with the updated program.

So, no, AOL certainly had not had long enough to test it at that time. I always used this group in my 9. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with this aol gold. My email was hacked and I suddenly received literally thousands of emails a day. In my attempt to delete them all, I deleted 6 months and more of apl emails including one that is actually money. I immediately called AOL to retrieve the deleted emails as the retrieval function did not work. Two weeks later sol countless calls I still do not have my emails back and I doubt I ever will.


There is obviously a reason they used to have 27 million members and now less than 3 million. As soon as I can convert ao my 98.2 info to Gmail they will have one less and I have been with them for well over 20 years.

Téléchargement gratuit aol desktop 9.8.2

Last year, AOL contacted 9.82., through email. I would not have my free AOL anymore. I had to buy AOL Gold. I spoke to someone at AOL, and was told, « That was correct.

You had to pay. I called, and told them, « This sucks, why am I paying. Then I just gave in, and continued to pay. My immediate friends kept telling me, why am I paying?

I said that’s the only way I can keep my e-mail. Well, last week I had an issue, with them. The agent said, « Why are you paying? I want all monies back. How can they do this to people. Some Russian hackers made their way into my AOL email account. I discovered this myself AOL isn’t sophisticated enough to advise anything’s wrong and then simply wanted to receive a copy of the access history which vanishes from the screen once you reset your password. 9.82, they can provide no timeline for an escalation response.

aol 9.8.2

I’ve waited one week already and am done waiting. Thank goodness they offered a free trial of their paid support because that’s what it’s worth: I want to cancel it. I am oal paying. Finally I called Discover card to get it to stop. AOL is really an unethical unprofessional business. I’m very disgusted with them and wish I could get all of my money returns. If anyone else wants to fire all a class action suit against AOL let’s do it.

This topic is now closed to further replies. Heck I still use my AOL email as my primary address. I just don’t use the software.

This is a change from the previous number you used with your older version of AOL Desktop. Please choose the new number listed above to continue accessing dial-up aool. AOL mail keeps going down daily. They make excuses on their FB and keep saying they are working hard which is not the case. Trying to call customer service is a joke. Stop lying and saying to be patient. When you use AOL for a business there is no patience anymore.

aol 9.8.2

With all the competitors, you would think they would be good, but they don’t care about their customers. Six Warren County residents have been charged with participating in the production or sale of methamphetamines.

Be the first one to find this review helpful. Unfortunately for them and possibly us as well if you’re the one they call when they have a problem as of April 10th, the AOL Desktop Software will be seeing a transformation to a monthly subscription based service. A new version of the software, AOL Desktop Gold, will replace all previous versions of the software and all previous versions will no longer function.

I have contacted AOL customer service over 8 times within this year to request assistance, to involve a supervisor and to respectfully request a satisfactory refund. I called today, because my business email address has an extensive template I utilize for sending my emails to clients. The state of Texas requires that this template contain specific license info.


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There wol no customer service, there is no help for issues and I have now switched to another provider that is more secure and clear of scam. You’ve fallen behind the times! Since this happened it’s been a lot more often and is really tiresome. The first time it happened I called AOL’s tech support had to search quite a while to find the right number and they told me it wasn’t their problem, I should contact Verizon’s support.

Well, I’d contacted them beforehand and they told me to contact AOL support. I got a huge runaround and in the end the AOL tech decided to help. However I’ve noticed the service has been very unreliable lately. At least once or sol a month, AOL Mail goes down. And it seems to happen almost all over the US and in other countries wol well. I don’t know if it’s the fault of AOL, Verizon, Yahoo, or all three combined, but this is unacceptable.

I use my mail account for business and it needs to be more reliable. I do have a Gmail account, but I’d need aoll change over my email info on lots of different websites, plus set it up to work with my Outlook client, so I’d rather not do that just yet.

They insist they’re sorry, they know how frustrated we are and they are working hard to fix the problem. It’ll work for a little while and go down again. I wish they’d do something to make the system more stable. If you’re still using the AOL Desktop 9.82, keep in mind that the company is slowly discontinuing the free service.

At some point, they will stop email support on the older free AOL Desktop versions, but that date hasn’t been released yet. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. There are some noticeable differences in the AOL.

Consider upgrading to AOL Desktop Gold if you use a newer Windows operating system Windows 7 and higher and have a high-speed internet connection. This option is available only for AOL paid customers.

If you use a Windows operating system older than Windows 98.2, like Windows XP or Windows Vista, and have a high-speed internet connection, we recommend using AOL Shield, a aoll optimized for older operating systems.

Your contacts will remain available if you transition to using one of the recommended options for your operating system and internet connection speed, or if you sol to access AOL Mail using the AOL app or via the web using a browser.

Une amie de 9.82 Hallyday partage une sublime photo d’elle en train de se recueillir sur la tombe de Johnny Télé-Loisirs.