High-quality steel repair sleeves

 We provide Alberta with pipe sleeves for the reinforcement & repair of corrosion, cracks, defective circumferential weld seams, dents and gouges.

Kucher Steels is experienced in all sizes of steel repair sleeves. Not only can we work with the standard pipeline sizes of 12" and 34" but we also have the expertise to work with pipelines as big as 60" and as small as 4".

The Standard material types Kucher Steels uses for pipeline sleeves are, SA516-70N, A572-50 and A572-65.

Our team can assist with: 

  • Pipeline Repair Sleeves
  • Pipe Clamps
  • Repads
  • Wear Pads
  • Elbow Trunnion Support  


Kucher Steels manufactures pipe sleeves in sizes ranging from 4” to 60”. We will also make any custom size requested. Pipeline repair sleeves are used in the reinforcement or repair of corrosion, cracks, defective circumferential weld seams, dents and gouges.

Material type is dependent on the yield strength requirement. Pipe Sleeves are sometimes referred to as “Steel Repair Sleeves”, “Full Encirclement Sleeves” or “Half Sole Repair Sleeves”, and come in various styles.

1-3/4” 44 W Pipe Clamps

If you’re in the need of some pipe clamps, we do it best!

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steel repair sleeves


Type “B” sleeves

These sleeves utilize a backing bar behind the welded longitudinal seam, between the pipe and the sleeve.

Compression Sleeves

These utilize an exterior “strapping bar” that is welded onto the outside of the longitudinal seam after the sleeve is installed with a clamping device. We form the strapping bar to the required curvature to allow for a proper fit.

Bridging Sleeves

These are used when there is a deformation or other anomaly that doesn’t allow for a sleeve to fit directly onto the parent pipe. In this case, tight fitting sleeves are installed on either side of the deformation with a bridging “over” sleeve covering both the tight sleeves and the anomaly. The thickness of the tight fitting sleeves can be adjusted to match the offset of the anomaly.

We Can Get You What You Need For Your Next Pipeline Repair Project

We make a variety of pipe sleeve sizes for both small and large pipelines.

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